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Genetics in Drug Development short course

University of Cambridge will offer a short course on “Genetics in Drug Development” in virtual mode.

This short course will provide theoretical and practical advice on using genetic data to identify drug targets, investigate their effects on drug target perturbation for different indication, explore potential repurposing, identify biomarkers or population subgroups for which drugs effects may vary.

This course might be of interest for those interested in leveraging genetic data for drug development and investigation of drug effects. R knowledge is desirable but not essential.

Dates: 29 November 2021 – 3 December 2021

Link to register

AJ Clark Studentship

The AJ Clark studentship allows scientists with degrees in pharmacology or related disciplines to carry out research in pharmacology to obtain a PhD. The studentship comprises around £100,000 over three years and is co-funded with the host universities (BPS funds 50% of the costs).

In order to apply, the candidate must have a degree in pharmacology or a related discipline and be intending to carry out research in pharmacology leading to the degree of PhD in a department in the UK or Ireland. The primary supervisor must have been a Society member for at least 3 years. Applications for candidates from under-represented groups are welcome.

Stipends and other costs:

Year 1: £18,527 in London and £16,364 elsewhere
Year 2: £19,489 in London and £17,339 elsewhere
Year 3: £20,432 in London and £18,294 elsewhere

Research costs: £10,000 per year
Attendance at non-Society meetings: up to £1,000 per year

Deadline for application: 30 November 2020.

Link to apply

Webinar: The pharmacology of drugs for COVID-19

On Wednesday 21 October 2020 the British Pharmacological Society will offer a free webinar dedicated to The pharmacology of drugs for COVID-19.

In this webinar, sponsored by the British Journal of Pharmacology and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, expert will present their research on pharmacological strategies for the treatment of COVID-19.

15:00-15:10: Opening RemarksProfessor Amrita Ahluwalia, British Journal of Pharmacology, UK

15:10-15:20: A rational roadmap for SARS‐CoV‐2/COVID‐19 pharmacotherapeutic research and development, Dr Steve Alexander, University of Nottingham, UK

15:20-15:30: The hidden role of NLRP3 inflammasome in obesity-related COVID-19 exacerbations: lessons for drug repurposing, Dr Ilaria Bertocchi Università di Torino, Italy

15:30-15:40: A clinical pharmacology roadmap out of future pandemics, Professor Duncan Richards, University of Oxford, UK

15:40-15:50: Dosing will be a key success factor in repurposing antivirals for COVID‐19, Dr Patrick Smith, Certara, USA

15:50-16:00: Harnessing inflammation resolving‐based therapeutic agents to treat pulmonary viral infections: What can the future offer to COVID‐19?Professor Mauro Teixeira, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

16:00-16:30: Live Q&A, all speakers

Link to register:

Novel Therapeutics & Democratization of Access: free virtual event

Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania offers the free virtual event ITMAT 15th International Symposium – Novel Therapeutics & Democratization of Access: Implementation of Translational Science

The main topics of this international symposium will include, among others:

  1. Models of Drug Development
  2. Democratization of access
  3. Novel Therapies
  4. Translational Challenges in Zoonoses
  5. Biomarkers of Disease and Drug Response

Dates: October 12-13, 2020

Link to register

Drug discovery digital workshop

It is still possibile to register for free to attend to Drug Discovery Digital, which offers two weeks of world-class science, networking & posters as well as a virtual exhibition.

Drug Discovery Digital will include cutting edge talks on new directions in drug discovery. The scientific programme features over 50 world-class speakers with 8 main session tracks and 2 plenary keynote speakers. Registration is free and it is possibile to choose to attend to either one or both weeks.

The impact of sex on gene expression across human tissues

A recent article published on Science by Oliva and coworkers brilliantly describes how sex-biased gene expression extensively occurs in tissues, even in tissues that do not contribute to characteristic sexually dimorphic traits. Using Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) data, the authors showed that 37% of genes in at least one of the 44 tissues studied exhibit a tissue-specific, sex-biased gene expression and described cis expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) with sex-differentiated effects.

Link to the article

British Journal of Pharmacology is recruiting a senior editor

The British Journal of Pharmacology is recruiting a senior editor with broad expertise in gastro-intestinal pharmacology and/or natural products. Senior Editors are either current members of the British Pharmacological Society or willing to join the Society. Senior Editor posts are initially for a 4-year term, with possible 12-month extensions to a maximum of 7 years

Deadline: 18 September 2021

Link to details and application