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AJ Clark Studentship

The AJ Clark studentship allows scientists with degrees in pharmacology or related disciplines to carry out research in pharmacology to obtain a PhD. The studentship comprises around ¬£100,000 over three years and is co-funded with the host universities (BPS funds 50% of the costs). In order to apply, the candidate must have a degree in … Continue reading AJ Clark Studentship

Webinar: The pharmacology of drugs for COVID-19

On Wednesday 21 October 2020 the British Pharmacological Society will offer a free webinar dedicated to The pharmacology of drugs for COVID-19. In this webinar, sponsored by the British Journal of Pharmacology and the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, expert will present their research on pharmacological strategies for the treatment of COVID-19. 15:00-15:10: Opening Remarks, Professor Amrita … Continue reading Webinar: The pharmacology of drugs for COVID-19