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AJ Clark Studentship

The AJ Clark studentship allows scientists with degrees in pharmacology or related disciplines to carry out research in pharmacology to obtain a PhD. The studentship comprises around £100,000 over three years and is co-funded with the host universities (BPS funds 50% of the costs).

In order to apply, the candidate must have a degree in pharmacology or a related discipline and be intending to carry out research in pharmacology leading to the degree of PhD in a department in the UK or Ireland. The primary supervisor must have been a Society member for at least 3 years. Applications for candidates from under-represented groups are welcome.

Stipends and other costs:

Year 1: £18,527 in London and £16,364 elsewhere
Year 2: £19,489 in London and £17,339 elsewhere
Year 3: £20,432 in London and £18,294 elsewhere

Research costs: £10,000 per year
Attendance at non-Society meetings: up to £1,000 per year

Deadline for application: 30 November 2020.

Link to apply